• Marcelo Pereira

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • ArsJitsu Network: Marcelo Pereira
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy: head instructor, owner at
    Team Marcelo Pereira
  • Titles: 3x World Champion, 2004 American Gold Cup Champion, 5x Brazilian National Champion, 9x Rio de Janeiro State Champion
  • Lineage:
    Sensei Mitsayu Maeda > Oswaldo Fadda > Wendell Alexander > Andre Pederneiras
  • Black Belt Awarded by:
    Wendell Alexander and Andre Pederneiras in 1997
  • Height and Weight: 5' 4 / 145 lbs
  • How often do you compete?
    several times a year
  • Favorite Submission:
    lapel choke
  • Favorite BJJ fighter:
    Marcelo Garcia

Three time world champion and owner and head instructor at Team Marcelo Pereira

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