• Joshua Franzke

  • Kaukauna, WI
  • ArsJitsu Network: Joshua Franzke
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy: Student at
    Team Marcelo Pereira
    under Marcelo Pereira
  • Also trains at: Kodokan Judo Cape Coral
    under John Paccione
  • Height and Weight: 5' 10' / 210 lbs
  • Proudest Accomplishment:
    Becoming a father
  • How often do you compete?
    once a year
  • Favorite Submission:
    Arm bar
  • Favorite BJJ fighter:
    Marcelo Garcia

I began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 16 on a mat full of white belts. We used to pay a blue belt to drive 4 hours to drive up from Chicago to train with us. A few of the guys I originally trained with have gone on to achieve the black belt (Henry Matamoros, Eric "Red" Schafer and Jon Friedland).

I received my blue belt from Jacare Calvalcanti in December of 1998. I wore it once and stopped training jiu-jitsu to pursue a college degree. After graduating and establishing my career, I returned to the mat in May 2008 under Sean Wilson. I put my white belt back on and started over after watching the killers in the Black Trunk gym. After 10 months, I received my blue belt from Sean. I trained with Sean for 4 years until he passed away in June 2012.

At this point, I began training under Phil Cardella. I was awarded my purple belt in August of 2012. I continued there until he closed his gym in July 2013. In October of 2013, I joined Team Marcelo Pereira where I continue to train today.

My judo journey has been a bit odd. I began in June 2012 and earned my yellow belt in August 2012. I stopped training as it was too much to train jiu jitsu, judo and still try to be a husband and father. I competed recently in January 2014. I placed first in the brown belt 98 kilos and place second in the newaza division (losing twice to a judoka from the famed Tokai University).

I recently returned to judo in June 2014 and earned my orange belt under 6th dan, Sensei John Paccione.

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